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Who Is King Kass?

Born as Kassandra Nuñez raised in Lancaster Pennsylvania by a strong Dominican woman.  As a young girl, it was instilled in me that whatever I wanted in this life I had to work hard for. I was never fortunate enough to be fed with that golden spoon, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, because it just makes me that much hungrier. I remember slaving, working 2-3 jobs at a time because I always desired more for my daughter and myself. Becoming a mom gave me no other option than to be an impeccable role model. At this point winning was my only prerogative.

King Kass started as a minute dream of mine wanting to be a makeup artist, working daily doing something that came so effortlessly to me. I took a leap of faith committing to being a makeup artist full time. Doing this meant surrendering from the security of my 9 to 5. Working as a makeup consultant at beauty counters was a short-lived dream of mine. During that time I met countless people and built prolonged connections. However, meeting the high demand sales goals deterred my focus from what truly made me feel fulfilled. What truly ignites genuine happiness in my soul is teaching and empowering other women to make themselves feel beautiful. I decided on moving to Miami in March of 2019 to be with my fiancé and begin a new journey in a city where the beauty industry holds a more prominent disposition.

During this time is when I began researching various beauty/makeup manufacturers. It took 6 months to find the vendor that best fit my needs and encompassed everything that was vital to my new business. I was definitely hesitant releasing my lash line, concerned on the type of feedback I would receive. Would my product be good enough? Was it even going to sell? I was driving myself insane. I decided It was crucial for me to alter my attitude if I was going to be a business owner. I pushed all the negativity aside and launched the line. To my surprise everyone loved it! I was thrilled with the amount of endless support and enthusiasm. My lashes sold out in two months. The feeling was surreal and I knew that this was only the beginning of something great for myself and my business.

I have numerous ideas on how I’d like to begin inspiring other women and utilizing my platform to help them take back their power. So when you purchase King Kass Lashes please understand that you aren’t just supporting my business but you are contributing to our movement where beauty reigns!